Hello Out There

So. If you’ve been dropping by and wondering where the hell all the updates and posts have gone or, worse, if we’ve abandoned the site, be comforted. We have not abandoned anything. We’ve simply been EXTREMELY well-employed, largely by MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT. If that isn’t the best excuse ever, we don’t know what is. Todd’s been hip […]

Annnnd we’re back!

Sorry for the absence. One of the things that hurts our production line is both Todd and I have to work for a living. Since we mostly work in Movies (Todd) and TV (me) the time we have available to make our own stuff got kind of limited.  No more. Both of us are very […]


Yep, we’ll be there. There’s only one announcement coming and it’s not big news so we can wait. If you will also be there, here is where you can find us. JULY 24 – THURSDAY GEOFF SIGNING at the LION FORGE BOOTH, times unknown as of now. 3:00pm – 4:00pm The Writer’s Journey: Breaking into […]

annnnnnnnd we’re BACK!

Where have we been? CRAZY busy, ya’ll! Todd’s been on nearly perpetual safari in movie world, I’ve been spending my knights RIDING, baby and project after project has had its ground broken. At the moment we’re dug into BOTH the next installment of PRODIGAL, something we’re calling THE PANDORA INTELLIGENCE and a super new, super […]

ALL RIGHT, GENRE NATIONALS!! It’s been a long time with no announcements but here we are, back, the incredible, with out pulse-pounding CONVENTION schedule.We’re arriving THURSDAY and we are definitely hitting the floor running. Here is the OFFICIAL SCHEDULE of where we’ll be and with whom.  The UNofficial Schedule is not for public consumption. (sorry. […]

WonderCon is done and, in case you couldn’t get there or were there and missed the right panels, let me recap how the con went. FREAKING AWESOME, that’s how. Lots of deals were made, mostly ones we can’t discuss yet, and there were offers as well in other venues that we also won’t discuss but […]

Guess what today is! That’s right. New indie recommends. Why indie-only? Because, Genre Nationals, despite some awesome work being done by Marvel comics, they don’t need any more free advertising.  Indie creators, those who aren’t yet household names, need every bit they can get. A lot of fans whine about the lack of diversity in […]

YES! We will be there! YES! There will be panel appearances! YES! There will be items to hand out and/or sign! YES! There will be at least one announcement designed to THRILL! YES! This concludes your Monday announcements! Thank you- The Management

Wow, two months into JOURNEYMEN and there seems to be some kind of positive movement. People are confused but in a good way– the way that makes them come back. Here’s what some folks have said so far. If you click the links you’ll get the full review.     1: BRAIN LIKE A BOMB […]